Les Salles sur Verdon


At two steps from the Grand Canyon, a marvellous small village has been reconstructed on the promontory of the Ste Croix Lake.

Its 2300 hectares of turquoise water fascinate the visitor.

On the other side of the lake, there is a surprising contrast between the translucent blue of the water and the chalky slope where oaks and pines already announce the "Plateau de Valensole", covered with lavender fields and sung by the bees, an unforgettable show related by Jean Giono, a famous writer born in Manosque.

"Some long sunshine goes down to mix the colours and an the fragrances...

... all the landscapes propose you some infinite variations of the joy of life...

... lavender is the soul of the Haute-Provence" 

Jean Giono.

When the end of the summer draws near, the west winds bring the fragrances of the distilleries to the village. And then, while sitting at the water's edge, you can admire a perfumed sunset, a mixture between scents and colours.

The swallowed up village refused to die ; today, it's a new, well spaced out, flowered village with its school and its cries of children, its post-office, its fest room, its church with this bell which rang the angelus of yesteryear and phrases today the esumed

passing time.

A welcoming, open village whose tourism policy is centred on the quality, in total harmony with its exceptional environment, so different and yet so close of the French Riviera's one (1h30 to St-Tropez).

Its virgin and really wild nature bower offers itself to visitors always invited to protect it. Les Salles have actually centred their tourism on these ecosystem's discovery which landscapes with so bewitching charm generated.